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Time for deeper fulfillment, new peace, and richer joys. Time to resolve lingering challenges and live a more rewarding life.

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to schedule a session.

Utilize life transitions for positive changes..

Individuals and couples can work through emotional and belief layers of self to find new peace within and with others.

You may receive short term and/or long term counseling to address challenges, questions and changes  in your life. Underlying issues may be addressed and shifted. This approach you to lovingly work with the difficulty and come out feeling more whole.  This way you create a more enjoyable and rewarding present and future.

  • Individuals and couples are both served well in this environment. 

  • Explore the many facets brought up by a life challenge, change, or circumstance

  • Replace self-defeating habits and disappointments with self love, new motivation, and feeling encouraged. Return to inspiration.
  • Discover new ways to interact with life thus finding richer fulfillments.
  • Transform self-defeating habits and create life-generating habits.
  • Resolve relationship challenges. (Individuals and couples can benefit.) I specialize in committed long term relationships.
  • Heal through grief and loss . Discover a vast foundation of peace, joy, and love.
  • Work through the complexities of participating with spiritual community, teacher, path or religious organizations that occur in even the most cherished journeys. 
  • Address issues of being well known, famous, or in the public eye.
  • Cure Depression, anxiety, and  PTSD.  Find more gratitude.
  • Receive ongoing addiction after initial recovery assistance. This is for people who are already practicing abstinence. Create a peaceful existence.
  • Transform food and body issues. Learn to befriend your body with love.
  • Create dreams into realities. Turn longing, yearning ,and goals into manifested life realities.
  • Spiritual-transformation: Return to a basis of love, joy, and peace.




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